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Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling is useful for all couples whether they are unmarried or married. Ms. Mullins has been working with couples for over 18 years. Couples counseling helps couples recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships. In working with Ms. Mullins, you can learn to make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding and strengthening your relationship or going your separate ways. More specifically, couples counseling can help with the following:

  • communication problems
  • sexual difficulties
  • conflicts about co-parenting, child rearing, or blended families
  • substance abuse
  • anger
  • infidelity
  • discernment issues (whether to reconcile the relationship/marriage or dissolve it)

Couples Counseling Rates

45 minute session $150

75 minute session $225

100 minute session $300

What to Expect in Couples Counseling

Couples counseling brings couples or partners together for joint therapy sessions. During the sessions, you will learn skills that will require you to communicate openly, problem solve, and discuss differences in a rational manner. You will be expected to talk honestly about the good and bad parts of your relationship in an effort to better understand the sources of your relationship conflicts. Together, you all will learn how to identify problems without blaming and work toward making improvements within the relationship. Here a few things to note as you all participate in couples counseling:

  • At first, it might be hard to talk about your problems with Ms. Mullins . You might remain quiet while your partner becomes angry...or you might yell or argue during the sessions. Both are completely fine. Ms. Mullins will serve as a mediator and help you all cope with the emotions during the session.
  • You can attend sessions by yourself, if your partner refuses to participate . It's more challenging to improve the relationship this way, but you all can benefit by learning more about your reactions and behavior.
  • Couples Counseling is often short term. Some couples need only a few sessions, while others need it for a few months. The specific treatment course will depend upon your situation. Sometimes, couples counseling helps couples to realize that their differences are truly irreparable and that it's best to end the relationship. Sessions can begin to focus on skills for ending the relationship on good terms.
  • Often there is homework in couples therapy. Ms. Mullins might suggest communication exercises at home to help you practice what you have been learning during the sessions.
  • You or your partner may need additional counseling. If anyone is coping with mental illness, substance abuse, or other issues, Ms. Mullins will recommend that individual counseling is sought immediately to address those concerns.

Making the decision to seek couples counseling is very difficult. If you have a troubled relationship, seeking help is more effective than ignoring your problems or hoping they will get better on their own. Sometimes taking the first step by admitting the relationship needs help is the hardest part. Many couples that Ms. Mullins has worked with over the years have found the experience to be insightful and empowering.

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